Check out our apartments in Ntinda, Kampala

Before stay

Yes. Arrange with the Managers.

Just your national ID or passport.

We don't operate airport transport. However, on request and at your cost, we can arrange for you an airport taxi.

Yes. Ask for it from the manager. However, we don't offer a discount if you book through online platforms or travel agents.

During stay

Ask theĀ  manager for a smart card. Use of the AC is charged separately but it is completely optional.

No. Just open the tap for hot water. The electric heater is only there for backup purposes.

Yes. You can connect anywhere on the property. Just ask the staff for the free access. Of course, you can optionally use external providers like MTN and Airtel. We don't get involved in those separate arrangements.

Yes. Ask the manager if you need help.

Yes, provided they are not too many. Inform the manager.

After stay

If it can be sorted out online, contact us through our normal channels.

If it's physical, the staff will keep it until you pick it up. Note that nothing is mailed out.